024 - It’s ok to worship other things?

February 17, 2019

This word of "worship" - who is it intended for?  Only God? Is it bad to worship other things?  What if there's a chance that we are actually supposed to be worshipping other things?  Let's pull apart this word and hopefully take the limits off what it's used for, in hopes that it enhances it's very meaning to us.


023 - Author’s Intent. Is it all @!#*

February 10, 2019

We're getting feedback!!!!  One of our subscribers sent us a message about a "bad word" that slipped out during one of the previous episodes.  This led to QUITE the discussion between Todd and Todd about what words are bad (if any) and whether or not the meaning can change based on intent.  Fellow potty mouths, you're in for a good one.


022 - That Just Sounds So Selfish

February 3, 2019

Our previous toddcast conversation left off bringing the word "selfish" into play.  God is always happy because He ultimately always gets His way - for many of us, the thought of that makes us cringe.  We know people whose main goal is to get what they want, and that seems extremely selfish.  Soooooo is God selfish?  Here we go... ..


021 - How Can God Be Happy?

January 27, 2019

How When and Why is God happy?  For many of us, we look around this world and see pain and destruction that hurts us and those around us so deeply.  Certainly God can't be happy ALL the time, right?  If He is - for many that's a hard concept to wrap our minds around when we stop and look around and see a bunch of darkness, sadness and grief.  What makes God happy and how do we increase our own?


020 - Don’t Even Tell Me to Evangelize

January 20, 2019

We might as well just put the "Explicit Content E" on this episode, cuz the dreaded word "evangelize" is gonna get used pretty often.  Why does this word leave such a bitter taste is some mouths, or cause some to simply wanna give up?  This word has turned into a negative phrase for many, and a task or chore for others that see it as a requirement if they want to put in the necessary effort it takes to follow Christ.  Is the church doing a disservice in trying to "motivate" their people to get out and evangelize?  Is there a simple trick to making it more possible for people to share their faith?  Seriously, why does this have to be such a scary concept?  Todd and Todd break down some of the misconceptions that seem to be broadly promoted when it comes to evangelizing.


018 - Trained to Lie

January 6, 2019

"Oh I'm sorry, I'd love to but I can't".  Would you actually love to though?  Then why can't you?  Are you just trying to be nice?  Is this not lying?  It can't be lying because we are saying it in love to keep the peace and not hurt anyone.  However - we've been trained to lie and are possibly doing more harm to the other person as well as the way we ourselves might be viewed than we may realize.  "It's just the way the world works" is a poor excuse and a poor way to live if we want to be viewed as trustworthy people.


017 - Obligatory Episode - or is it?

December 30, 2018

We are surrounded in this world by things we "are supposed to do" or " need to do" or possibly worse, "have to do".  It could seem SO extreme to say something like "I never do anything out of obligation", because that's simply not how this world works.  Society has expectations, unwritten rules, peoples' feelings are at stake.  Todd and Todd wrestle over how legitimate it can be for one to operate without obligation, and the implications that could create.  If I say "no" to something - I'm hurting someones feelings; I'm letting them down.  It simply can't be the most loving way to live in this world.  To live not doing anything out of obligation seems arrogant and selfish, so the Todd's break down the reasoning and benefits behind the big phrase of "no obligation".


016 - Genesis 1 - PART TWO

December 23, 2018

For those who are gluttons for punishment, we took episode 15 (recommend listening BEFORE starting this episode) and pulled it apart.  We go through Genesis 1 pretty close to verse by verse by verse and discuss how and why the phrasing and meaning of the Bibles very first chapter is intended to bring clarity, despite there being such contrasting views of what it's saying.  This episode is here to help bring a framework for those looking for a more solid understanding of what they believe actually took place when "God created the heavens and the earth".  Was it 7 literal days?  Was it the FIRST seven days? Why did God need that much time instead of just making it all ready right away? Strap in, here we go!


015 - Understanding Genesis 1 and Creation

December 16, 2018

What if you were told that everything you were told about God creating the heavens and the earth was wrong?  Even if what you were told wasn't wrong, just stop for a second and think to yourself - "what do I actually remember of the way the earth was formed?  Was it 7 days?  Are you saying there was light before the sun and moon were created?"  There are SO many issues to uncover in Genesis chapter one if you stop for a second and try to dig in deeper.  What we think is important, but why we think the way we do is crucial.


014 - More Joy vs Prosperity

December 9, 2018

God wants us to be happy.  That's true.  But wait - this sounds like it's bordering on prosperity gospel, which I'm pretty sure isn't good.  Todd and Todd talk about some of the ideas that the prosperity gospel has right, and what should we have right when it comes to what this joy and happiness thing is intended to look like.  It's a fine line, but a seriously important distinction.