toddcast. Going beyond Sundays

020 - Don’t Even Tell Me to Evangelize

January 20, 2019

We might as well just put the "Explicit Content E" on this episode, cuz the dreaded word "evangelize" is gonna get used pretty often.  Why does this word leave such a bitter taste is some mouths, or cause some to simply wanna give up?  This word has turned into a negative phrase for many, and a task or chore for others that see it as a requirement if they want to put in the necessary effort it takes to follow Christ.  Is the church doing a disservice in trying to "motivate" their people to get out and evangelize?  Is there a simple trick to making it more possible for people to share their faith?  Seriously, why does this have to be such a scary concept?  Todd and Todd break down some of the misconceptions that seem to be broadly promoted when it comes to evangelizing.