toddcast. Going beyond Sundays

017 - Obligatory Episode - or is it?

December 30, 2018

We are surrounded in this world by things we "are supposed to do" or " need to do" or possibly worse, "have to do".  It could seem SO extreme to say something like "I never do anything out of obligation", because that's simply not how this world works.  Society has expectations, unwritten rules, peoples' feelings are at stake.  Todd and Todd wrestle over how legitimate it can be for one to operate without obligation, and the implications that could create.  If I say "no" to something - I'm hurting someones feelings; I'm letting them down.  It simply can't be the most loving way to live in this world.  To live not doing anything out of obligation seems arrogant and selfish, so the Todd's break down the reasoning and benefits behind the big phrase of "no obligation".